25 year experience

The JESMA Real Estate investment company  is run and 100% owned by Stéphane ADELINE and Benoît SAINT, its founders. The strength of the company relies on the combination of their respective skills within one and the same structure, both being recognized experts with a 25 year experience.

JESMA Real Estate is thus the sole investment structure through which they now operate.

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With a one-year post graduate Degree in real estate engineering and a Master’s degree in business administration, Benoît Saint Martin started his professional career in the consultancy department  of Auguste Thouard (a company which became Atisreal and is now BNP PARISBAS Real Estate.)

Since 1998 Benoît has then contributed to the birth and development of the MMI INVESTISSEMENTS company and remains one of its two associates. For more than 20 years he thus directed the acquisition, financing, management and arbitration of successive portfolios representing a value creation of 200 million euros.

With Stéphane ADELINE and Antoine SIMON, Benoît is also a partner of ARCADE ASSET MANAGEMENT, a third-party asset management  company.

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After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law and a one-year postgraduate Degree in  Finance and real estate business Stéphane ADELINE started his professional career in commercial and light industrial real estate business. He joined KEOPS (Nexity Conseil) in 1998, as team Director in charge of Eastern Paris office, commercial and light-industrial real estate business.  In 2005 Stéphane then joined Savills, as assistant Director in the investment department.

In 2007 he decided to use his real estate consulting experience to join Mansford, an Anglo-Saxon investor. He became the Director of the Paris company office in charge of acquisition and arbitration operations in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2009, after 12 years spent within these firms, Stéphane created his own investment firm, JERICHO, a company through which he made direct and joint-venture investments for about 40 million euros.